Shape of Sound


Shape of Sound

Poetry and Writing

Welcome to Shape of Sound! Created in 2019, Shape of Sound is a blog and portfolio made to detail the journey of a confused college student into a full-time writer. In the social media age, Shape of Sound is an effort to use platforms like Instagram and Tumblr in an open, honest, and vulnerable way. From goals and successes to struggles and slip-ups, the goal of SoS is to document as much of the process as possible.    



Meet the Creator of Shape of Sound

Jadyn Brandt is a student at San Diego State, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently writing personal poems to eventually be sold as prints as well as documenting her journey as an aspiring writer. As a sophomore Jadyn is now writing for San Diego State's student newspaper The Daily Aztec and the SDSU branch of Her Campus. She recently wrote her first published article in her hometown's local magazine. She is available for writing commissions in poetry, articles, and other forms.


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