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The Struggles of Starting

Updated: May 3, 2019

Starting is difficult. There are about a million excuses one could give themselves to justify why they haven't started on something and trust me, I've used most of them. I questioned if writing was what I wanted to do and told myself that if I commited to it wholeheartedly I would miss out on other potential interests. I told myself I didn't have the time to write and edit. I worried that even if I did start taking writing seriously, that there was a chance I wouldn't be any good. I was sure people would think I was strange for making something like Shape of Sound. It took me months from the time I realized I had a real passion for writing to start building Shape of Sound and it was months before I shared it with anyone I knew in real life. It's been quite a slow process but it's a process nonetheless. I was held back by laziness, being stuck in my comfort zone, and a huge fear of judgement. It took my boyfriend's constant encouragement and reassurance for me to start writing more and it took sharing some of my poems online with a small group of people, some who I knew in real life and some who I didn't, for me to finally be comfortable with talking about it to others in person. I realized that once I started doing the things I was scared to do they became a lot less scary. I think the biggest problem I had with starting was thinking about the future in the wrong way. I was worried about people not liking, or even making fun of, the things I was writing but I couldn't see how good it would feel to have my first "official" piece done. There's nothing I, or anyone else, can say to convince you to start. It ultimately comes down to you making the decision for yourself. But, you can't do something that you haven't started yet whether it's writing your first poem or finally getting yourself to the gym. Taking that first step outside of your comfort zone, putting your phone down, getting out of bed and starting something can end up leading to something you never want to stop.

The Start of a Poem


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